How to Read a Micrometer Torque Wrench

What You'll Need
Work gloves
Torque wrench

A micrometer torque wrench is a useful tool when dealing with highly sensitive appliances. Read on to find out how to use the wrench.

Step 1 – Safety Measure

Using a micrometer torque wrench requires precision. Once you understand the mechanism, this is a fairly simple process. As a safety measure, make sure you are wearing work gloves.

Step 2 – Prep Work

You need to get all your information in place before you start working with a micrometer torque wrench. Study the manual of your appliance, and find out the torque that needs to be used in order to fasten it.

Step 3 – Understanding the Torque

It is imperative to understand the relevance of the torque. The functioning of your appliance depends on the torque adjustment. The torque adjustment degree is the manufacturer's recommendation about the amount of force that needs to be applied on the nuts or the bolts of the appliance. If you go past the desirable level, it could damage your appliance.

Step 4 – Tackling this Problem

To get the appropriate amount of torque, you need to measure the force. This can be done with the help of a micrometer torque wrench.

Step 5 – Locating the Scale

The scale on the wrench will flash the torque units. The scale is located on the wrench's shaft area.

Step 6 – Examining the Scale

This step will help you understand how to read the scale. The scale reflects the units of the torque settings. For instance, the scale might have a reading of 10 feet pounds. This means the distance between each marked unit is 10 feet pounds. The origin is at 0 the second mark will be 10 feet pounds.

Step 7 – Handle Scale

Now the next step is to understand the scale on the wrench's handle. The rotation of the handle is what changes the scale which in turn changes the torque setting. One rotation will change the torque setting by one unit.

Step 8 – The Lock

Before you change the setting you need to unlock the handle. The handle is provided with a grip that when released helps in adjusting the torque. The lock looks like a lever that is attached to the handle.

Step 9 – Unlocking

In this step, you need to unlock the handle. This can be done by releasing the grip of the lever from the handle. The lock helps in making sure that you do not change the torque setting by mistake.

Step 10 – Fixing the Torque

Now the torque levels have to be fed into the scale. Rotating the handle will set the torque to the desired level. For instance, if you wish to set the torque level at 26 feet pounds you will have to rotate till the marker is between 20 and 30 on the shaft. Then make sure that the marker for 6 units on the handle is in line with that on the shaft.

Step 11 – Placing the Wrench

Now you can fix the bolt by placing the wrench on it. Turn the wrench smoothly in the clockwise direction. When the torque reaches the estimated value, a signal will automatically release the handle.


Be careful while using the micrometer torque wrench. If you drop the wrench, you will lose the torque measurement.