How to Read a Spirit Level

What You'll Need
Spirit level

It will be necessary to make use of a spirit level when you need to ensure that a surface is even. Completing the task correctly will require that you know how to use the tool properly.

Step 1 – Clean

To ensure that the spirit level does its job properly, the surface of the tool as well as that of the surface to be tested must be clean. If the tool has previously been used in an environment that has left it with substances attached the surface, this will need to be cleaned. Wipe surfaces with a damp cloth or carefully use a chisel to remove any dried caulk or similar substance.

Step 2 – Situate Tool

Once clean, lay the spirit level onto the surface that needs to be tested for evenness. Where it can be laid onto a top surface, it can be put in place and left there. Where the surface is a horizontal one, keep your fingers firmly pressed to the tool so that it remains still on the surface.

Step 3 – Read

Wait until the bubble in the liquid of the spirit is still. If it comes to a halt within the two lines, then the surface is level. If it stops in outside the lines, some action must be taken to even the surface.