How to Read a Water Pressure Tank Accurately How to Read a Water Pressure Tank Accurately

When it comes to reading the water pressure tank, many people aren't sure what to do at all. Follow the simple steps below to learn to take accurate readings of your water pressure tank.

Step 1 - Select the Gauge

When you are trying to select which type or size gauge to use, it is important that you consider the projected reading. You want to try to use a gauge that is only slightly higher than you expect your reading to be. This helps the reading to be much more accurate.

Step 2 - Read

Once you have the correct gauge, you can get your reading. Use the dial on the side of the actual gauge to keep the actual pressure reading. If in PSI, the dial will probably look like a clock with a 0 on the left all the way up and around to 100 on the right. If it isn't read in PSI, you will often want to watch for the numbers and then can convert it later on. Or if it is digital, you will be able to read the numbers outright. This will help you read and evaluate it after so that you can take your time in doing so. 

Step 3 - Convert

Many times, you will have to convert your reading depending on the gauge that you are using. To convert from kPa to PSI, all you have to do is multiply kPa by 0.1450 to get the answer. This is typically the way most pressures are measured so you can better compare the results.

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