How to Realign a Door Knob Spindle

What You'll Need
New spindle
Anchor for screws

An old door knob can have a misaligned spindle resulting from its years of use. A spindle is the part of the door knob shaped like a stem that connects the two door knobs together. A spindle is usually hidden inside the door and its problems might not always be visible until you take apart the door knob to have a look. A misaligned door knob problem might also be coupled with other problems as well, such as a loose door knob. This article will explain how to realign your door knob spindle.

Step 1 – Preparation

Have prepared several small Ziploc sandwich bags around you as you work so that you can group different parts of door knobs into each bag and not lose any small parts. Work both sides of the door knob as you grip it. Is the problem isolated to one side of the door knob only? Is the problem on both sides of the door knob?

Step 2 – Take Apart the Door Knob

Take your screwdriver and loosen each screw that holds your door knob in place. Work from one side of the door, taking care to put each screw into one bag designated for its use. Take off the door knob when done. If the side that was just pulled out does not have the spindle attached to it, go around to the other side of the door and loosen each screw and place them into a different plastic bag. When done, take out the door knob and pull out the spindle in its entirety.

Step 3 – Examine the Spindle

Some spindles just pop off the door knob, or they are fitted only by its mold or shape. How tight they fit onto the door knob is based on the tightness of the mounting screws that hold the two door knobs together. A loose spindle problem can just be a loose door knob problem. Other spindles are attached to the door knob by tiny screws. Each tiny screw must be removed and also put into its separate plastic bag. A misaligned spindle problem can be corrected by replacing the spindle itself. Take the spindle to your local hardware or locksmith store. Take care to have your door knob with you as well as the spindle, because each door knob comes with its unique spindle. Check the new spindle so that it can be used with your door knob model, and also check it against the old spindle so that the length is the same.

Step 4 – Reassemble All Parts

Reconnect the new spindle to the door knobs (if screws are necessary, screw them in). Thread the spindle into the door knobs through the hole in the door and screw in the screws over the mounting plates. If the door knobs keep coming loose, the spindle problem might be due to loose screws. If this is the case, hammering in an anchor for the screws into the door. Reassembling all the pieces might solve the problem.