How to Reattach a Wooden Stool Leg

What You'll Need
A rubber mallet
Wood glue
A clamp
A cloth

Reattaching the leg of a wooden stool is a simple and easy repair job. It is best to fix the leg as soon as possible, to prevent any further damage to the stool.

Step 1 – Determining the Damage to the Stool Leg

Turn the stool upside down, so that the seat is positioned on the floor and the legs are facing upward. Determine which of the legs is damaged. Check to see whether the damaged wooden leg is loose or cracked. Repair a cracked wooden leg by applying glue to the damaged area and clamping the pieces into position. Allow the glue enough time to dry. Reattach a loose leg, apply a new coat of glue and reattach the leg into the socket of the stool.

Step 2 – Removing the Loose Stool Leg

Carefully pull the loose leg out of the socket of the wooden stool. If the removal is difficult, use a rubber mallet to gently force the leg out of the stool socket. Lift the stool about an inch off of the floor. Use the rubber mallet to knock the wooden leg out of place. Do not apply too much force in the process. This could cause the mallet to leave a mark on the leg or to further damage the wood.

Step 3 – Removing a Supporting Nail

Check inside the socket for evidence of a hidden nail. Use your finger to carefully feel inside the socket for any sharp object. If you find a nail that is sticking out, you will need to remove it as well. Use a set of pliers to pull the nail from the socket of the stool.

Step 4 – Sanding the Stool Leg

Use your sandpaper to sand the end of the stool leg that fits into the socket. Apply a gentle force to prevent any changes in the shape of the wooden leg. Continue sanding in order to take off as much of the old layer of glue as possible. Use the sandpaper to sand away any old glue from inside the socket.

Step 5 – Applying Glue

Use a small paint brush to apply a layer of wood glue to the inside of the socket. Apply a small amount of the glue to the brush. Brush the glue into the hole and then position the wooden leg inside it as well. Use your cloth to wipe off any excess glue from the leg of the stool.

Step 6 – Securing the Leg in Place

Use your clamp to secure the leg in position. Allow the glue enough time to dry completely. Be careful about using the stool until you have checked to be sure that the leg is securely in position.

Step 7 – Testing the Leg

Test the leg reattachment by gently turning the leg in the socket. Do not apply too much pressure when turning the leg.