How to Rebalance the Inducer Blade of a Furnace Motor

What You'll Need
New blade possibly
Furnace manual

Many times, in an older furnace motor, you will experience problems with noise. This is typically due to an out of balance inducer blade that needs to be rebalanced. While this doesn’t start out as a serious problem, it does need to be fixed quickly so that it doesn’t get worse. When you first hear the sound, it is important to check it out right away and this can help to save you and your furnace a lot of trouble in the long run. Here are a few steps that can help you with this process.

Step 1 - Remove the Blade

Before you actually start, you may want to consider checking out the actual furnace manual so that you can get familiar with what is going on inside. Taking a few minutes to look around and locate all of the parts to make sure that you know what you are working with can help to make the process go by much more smoothly. You can begin with removing the actual furnace motor inducer blade. Many times you will be able to get the fan blade right off with a pull, other times you will have a harder time. If you cannot get it off the first time, then you can use a wrench and pliers to loosen it up a little bit and then slide it off. Make sure that you do not try to hit it with a hammer or any other tool to get it off.

Step 2 - Balance and Replace Blade

Once you have the blade off, you can use a rag to clean it off and make sure that no dust or debris is on it. Depending on how dirty it is, you may want to use a rougher sponge to clean it off. It is helpful to get all of the cleaning in there done now so that you won’t have to go back in and clean it off in the near future. Then, you can put it back in balanced. Basically you will be putting the blade in the same way that you took it out. Make sure that you press it on evenly on all sides so that it will in fact go in evenly.

Step 3 – Test and Check the Blade

If you are still having trouble, then you may need to have the actual blade looked at. If there is a problem with the blade then that may be the reason why it isn’t going in evenly and is becoming unbalanced. If this is the problem then you will need to bring the actual blade into the hardware or home improvement store to have someone look at it, or you can contact a professional to come in and take a look. This should help to solve the problem and then you can get the blade back in there and make sure that it is balanced when everything is fixed and checks out.