How to Rebuild Covers for a Hot Tub

What You'll Need
Marine vinyl
Outdoor fabric
Tape measure
Drill and screws
Insulating foam
Staple gun

The protective layer that covers a hot tub can easily get damaged if your hot tub is outside, or if you have some pesky pets who like to scratch and bite. When exposed to the elements or attacked by an overzealous puppy, the hot tub cover can get shredded, weak and unstable, making it essentially useless. Fortunately, with the right materials and know-how, you can rebuild your hot tub cover in no time, thus keeping the hot tub protected from dirt, debris and the elements. Follow the steps below to find out how.

Step 1 – Assess the Damage to Your Hot Tub Cover

First, figure out exactly what element of the existing hot tub cover needs to be fixed. If the surface of the cover has been ripped, it may merely be a case of replacing this with a new sheet of marine vinyl for waterproofing protection (as well as to keep the hot tub looking attractive). If the issue is structural, adding plywood and insulating foam may help to address that problem. Use your tape measure to assess the dimensions of the existing cover so that you can measure the size of the materials that you’ll need. Then, take a trip to the hardware store to purchase any supplies that you'll need to rebuild your hot tub cover.

Step 2 – Reinforce the Old Hot Tub Cover

Rip the fabric and vinyl off of the old cover and assess what needs to be done structurally. This may involve removing any existing handles as well. These will be reattached during the last step of the process. If your hot tub cover is particularly heavy or unwieldy, you may want an extra pair of hands to help you out with this step. If there are structural problems in your hot tub cover due to damaged or rotting wood on the interior, you can rebuild the cover by reinforcing the interior structure with plywood.

Using a small saw, cut two pieces of plywood to the same measurements as the current hot tub cover, and screw them onto the plywood of the existing cover in order to reinforce it. Glue on another layer of insulating foam. If the damage to your cover was only cosmetic, you can skip this step and go on to the next.

Step 3 – Wrap the Hot Tub Cover with Vinyl and Fabric

Measure out the amount of vinyl you’ll need to wrap the cover. Staple the vinyl into place, making sure to completely cover the plywood so that it’s protected from the heat and moisture of the hot tub. Next, measure out how much fabric you’ll need and cut off an appropriate sized piece. Choose fabric that is waterproof and specifically intended for outdoor use. Wrap the cover in the fabric, nail or drill in place, and reattach the cover handles. This rebuilt hot tub cover should serve you well for years to come.