How to Rebuild a Diesel Engine

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What You'll Need
Hand tools
Ring compressor
Ring expander

A diesel engine is an internal ignition engine, which utilizes heat to burn the fuel. It has the highest thermal efficiency of any regular engine because of its high compression ratio. The average service life of a diesel engine is usually about 10 years. It then needs to be rebuilt or replaced from time to time. Thus, rebuilding the diesel engine proves to be a better and a cheaper option compared with replacing the engine. Check out the tips below to get you started in the process of replacing your diesel engine.

Step 1 - Inspect the Cylinders for Wear and Tear

The first step is to check if the cylinders are worn or proper. If they are worn, they need to be polished so that they are able to accept the oversize rings. But if the cylinders are in a proper state, you can simply just run a cylinder hone in the cylinder to break the glaze and perform the work by yourself.

Step 2 - Check for Seat Refacing Equipment

The second thing to do is to check if you have seat refacing equipment. If you do not, you need to sort that out first. The worn guides can be replaced or fixed with the help of some special tools at home. Jobs like line boring and crank refinishing have to be done with the help of a professional.

Step 3 - Purchase Engine Rebuilding Kit

You need to purchase an engine rebuilding kit. It can be bought from any auto supply shop. It consists of the tools mentioned above, with some additional things as well such as an oil pump, camshaft, lifters, timing chain, and a few other supplementary things.

Step 4 - Check Torque to Yield Head Bolts

Figure out if your diesel engine has the torque-to-yield head bolts. If it does, then do not forget to replace them because rebuilding this part is very risky for your vehicle engine. You never know how old they are and, therefore, you need to have the latest and the finest head bolt torque.

Step 5 - Check Guides for Wear and Tear

Also make sure that the guides are not worn. If they are, the diesel engine would end up sucking a lot of oil. This happens mostly when a lot of black carbondeposits present on the back of the intake valves in the combustion chambers. Always remember to replace the guides while rebuilding your diesel engine.

When it comes to rebuilding your diesel engine, saving money is a great reason to do the work yourself. Another advantage to doing your own engine work is that you do not have to worry about the quality of the different parts of your engine. If you buy an engine built by someone else, you are at the mercy of their work and really have no idea about the quality of the parts. When possible, it is better you rebuild your engine by yourself. In addition to the quality control and money savings, it’s rewarding to do the work yourself if you have the right knowledge to perform the task.