How to Recharge an Electric Scooter Battery

What You'll Need
Battery charger
Power supply plug

Today’s most conventional ride is electric scooter. The most important part of an electric scooter is the battery and the engine. The engine can not start unless the battery sends the impulse. Sometimes with excessive use the battery becomes weak and has to be replaced. Most commonly the battery needs to be recharged. Recharging time depends on each brand differently. The most important thing to be considered while using a battery is that it should be charged regularly. The battery should never be left to discharge completely. Regular charging increases battery lifetime. Over charging on the other hand also effects the battery adversely.

Step 1 - Unhooking the Battery

The best way to recharge is when the battery is left in open air to charge. Charging produces a lot of heat and if recharging is being done in the enclosed cavity of the scooter then heat fails to escape and the battery over heats. The most probable scenario of overheating is that electric connections start to wear off. The removal of the battery is a simple process. Battery terminals are usually connected with 2 wires connecting electrodes to the engine. The connection is either in the form of 2 clips or slide in hatches. The clips are carefully removed. There is usually a metal or plastic rod that holds the battery firm with the scooter. The rod is removed by removing the screws holding them intact, with the help of a screwdriver.

Step 2 - Placing the Battery to Recharge

There are 2 types chargers. One type is connected with the battery using 2 wires. These 2 wires are standard red and black. Red wire is connected with the positive terminal and black with the negative. The charger is plugged in to electricity supply and charging starts. The other type of charger is shaped in form of an encasement. The battery after being removed from the scooter is placed inside and the power cord is connected with electric supply to start recharge.

Step 3 - Deciding when to Disconnect

The chargers come with charge indicators. This is usually in the form of a green light that lights up once the battery is fully charged. In cases where indicators are not present, the standard way is to charge for 24 hours, alternating the time period in gaps of 6 hours of continuous charge. Once that is done the battery is all set to be reassembled.

Step 4 - Checking for Full Charge

The voltmeter is a device that determines how much current an appliance is retaining. Connecting the 2 terminals to the voltmeter gives the voltage preserved. The minimum should be 12 to 13 volts. Voltage any less than 12 means the battery needs to be recharged for a longer period of time.

Step 5 - Reassembling the Battery

After the battery is fully charged it should be replaced in the scooter. The battery is set back in previous alignment and fixed with screws. The rod holding it in place is tightly secured. The 2 terminals are clipped on the battery in the right order.