How to Re-Cover a Child's Rocking Chair

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Upholstery fabric (per measurements)
Upholstery thread
Upholstery tacks

A child's rocking chair is a great accent piece for a child's room, as well as a great piece of furniture that can be handed down from generation to generation. To match the room decor, or just to make it look new again, you can re-cover the rocking chair.

Step 1 - Remove Old Upholstery

Using a hammer, use the end for removing nails to remove the tacks that are holding the upholstered cushion on the chair. Be careful not to tear the cushion under the upholstery because you will be reusing it. Toss away the old fabric, and get your new fabric out to cut for the new cushion.

Step 2 - New Cushion

Measure the height, and width of your cushion, as well as the depth. Cut your fabric to the specifications of the cushion, and sew the fabric over the cushion with upholstery thread. It is much stronger than regular sewing thread. You're then ready to reattach the cushion.

Step 3 - Reattach to Rocking Chair

Place the cushion on the seat being sure it is centered. Attach the cushion with upholstery tacks by pounding in with the hammer. Your recovering project is done! If by chance your rocker has an upholstered back, follow these same instructions for this as well.