How to Recover Items in Your Floor Air Vent

If you have a floor air vent, then it is likely that you will drop things down the vent from time to time. This can be a problem if you have a very small vent which is difficult to reach into. Often, leaving the item in the vent can seem like the only option, vents can be damaged by objects being left in there, and it may accumulate dust and debris. Removing the item from the vent should not be too difficult.

Unscrew the Vent Cover

The first thing that you will need to do is to unscrew the vent cover. There will be screws at either side holding this into place, so take a suitable screwdriver, and use this to remove all of the screws around the cover. You should keep them to one side, as you will need to replace it later.

Use a Hoover

If the object is out of reach, or close to a fan or electrical item, then you can use your hoover to suck the item back to the surface. Place the vacuum nozzle into the vent close to the location of the object, and suck it up.

Use a Spider Grabber

This items can often be found in thrift stores, and consist of a long pole with a claw-like extension. Push this down onto the object, and it should be able to pick it up. Bring to the surface, as with the vacuum.