How to Recycle Electric Garage Heaters

If your electric garage heater has stopped working, you may be wondering how to get rid of it. Electronic equipment, including electric garage heaters, must be recycled through certain places rather than thrown into the trash. There are many different options available to recycle your garage heater. Consider the options below.

Manufacturers and Retailers Programs

If you know the manufacturer of your electric garage heater, contact them and ask if there is a trade-in or buy-back program. If you plan on shopping for a new garage heater anyway, this may provide dual benefits.

The retailer that sold you the electric garage heater may also have a recycling program. Many retailers allow consumers to drop off old electronic equipment for recycling that was purchased at the store.

Local Government Programs

Your local city government likely offers a few times a year when residents can drop off electronic equipment for recycling. There is no cost and the drop-off location is usually at or near your city hall. These programs are often advertised in the city’s monthly newsletter.


Whether the electric garage heater is working or not, someone else may be able to use it  Drop the heater off at your local not-for-profit consignment shop. The heater may be purchased by someone for spare parts.  Most consignment shops have a drop-off area at the back of the store. You can put a note on the heater specifying if it works or not.