How to Recycle Your Rechargeable Batteries

Using rechargeable batteries (rather than using non-chargeable batteries) can be a cost savings for you, the consumer. It is also a great benefit to the safety and protection of the environment.

Battery Safety Issues

Two issues were addressed when the Battery Act was signed into law in 1996. The first issue addressed was the phasing out of the use or mercury in rechargeable batteries. The second issues provides for better collection, recycling, and disposing of rechargeable batteries.

Tip 1 –Avoid Landfills to Dispose of Batteries

To prevent toxic properties in rechargeable batteries from being leached into the soil of your local landfill, you should locate approved disposal sites that are available in your area. Avoid disposing of your batteries at landfills where thousands tons of rechargeable batteries in the United States are dumped each year.

Tip 2 – Dispose of Batteries at Approved Retailers

Look for retailers who will accept rechargeable batteries for disposal or recycling. Most larger cities in the United States have these retailers, many of whom sell and distribute business equipment and products. If you are unable to find one of these retailers, call your local landfill and they will give you instructions as to what to do with your rechargeable battery.