How to Reduce and Remove Rust from Storm Door Handles

What You'll Need
Sandpaper (small grit)
Auto finish paint
Detergent soap

Storm door handles allow you to open and close storm doors with ease. The type of handle that is installed on a storm door varies depending on the price range and the company who made it. Some of them come with locks which makes them part of the security for your home. But since storm doors are installed outside and exposed to all kinds of weather, the handles are susceptible to rusting.

Step 1 - Preparing the Handle

Wash your storm handle with detergent soap and water to remove dirt and debris that may have been stuck in it. You will also remove some of the rusts that are in hard to reach areas. Rinse it with water and allow to dry.

Step 2 - Sanding the Door Handle

Once the storm door handle has dried sufficiently, take your small grit sandpaper and sand it lightly. Do not exert too much force as the sandpaper may leave marks on the metal which can be unsightly.

Step 3 - Spraying the Handle with Protective Finishing

To prevent rust from coming back too soon, spray your storm door handle with auto finish paint or other similar protective coating.
To prevent the storm door handle from rust, you can try wiping it up after it has been wetted down by rain or snow. You may also avoid opening or closing the storm door with wet hands. However, to eradicate the problem altogether, you can replace it with a material that will resist rust more such as zinc or brass. There are also manufacturers that coat their door handles with a coating that will protect the handle from last for a lifetime.