How to Reduce Bathroom Humidity Levels

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  • 1-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 1-400
What You'll Need
Window-mounted fan
Ceiling fan

It's no secret that your bathroom is among the most humid areas of your home, but it may interest you to learn that there are several highly effective ways to control your bathroom's humidity levels. With minor effort on your part, your bathroom's humidity levels can be dramatically reduced in no time.

Keep Your Doors and Windows Open

The steam produced by hot showers is one of the most notorious contributors to bathroom humidity. Fortunately, it can easily be dealt with. To combat this problem, leave your bathroom door at least halfway open whenever you take a hot shower, as the provides the steam with a path through which it can exit the bathroom. Alternatively, or even in conjunction with leaving your door open, you may want to try leaving your bathroom window partway open when taking hot showers.

Utilize Fans

Using fans is another great way to cut back your bathroom's humidity levels. If your bathroom features a ceiling fan, make sure to run it whenever your shower is in use, as this will blow away the steam and break it up. Again, make sure to leave the door partway open when using a ceiling fan. Alternatively, you can place a window-mounted fan in your bathroom window and set the device on "exhaust" whenever you take a show shower. Also, if your bathroom features an exhaust fan, make sure to run it whenever a hot shower is being taken.