How to Reduce Boat Trailer Tire Wear

In order to make your boat tires last longer, you can work to reduce the wear on your boat trailer tire. Generally the tires will need replacing every three years, or within a maximum of five years.

Step 1 – Inflation

At least once a month, your boat trailer tires should be checked to see if they are fully inflated. The side wall of your tire will tell you the PSI for that particular tire.

Step 2 – Do not Speed

The tires on a boat trailer heat up as they move. As the tire heats up, the internal structure of the tire breaks down and for this reason it is not recommended that trailers exceed 60 mph.

Step 3 – Sun Protection

The rays of the sun are not only harmful to our skin, but they also affect trailer tires, as well. If you do not have an indoor location to store the trailer, try and position it under a shady tree or next to a building to protect the tires from the sunlight. You can also purchase tire covers to protect them.

Step 4 – Check the Alignment

If one your tires is damaged and in need of replacing, it is strongly recommended to replace it with the same tire as the others on the trailer. Checking and fixing the alignment of the tires roughly every month will minimize the chance of uneven wear on a tire. Boat trailer tires last longer if they share the weight of their cargo evenly.