How to Reduce Rattling on the RV Exhaust Train

What You'll Need
RV jack
RV manual

A rattling noise on your RV exhaust train isn't just annoying, it can also be a sign that something is wrong. If you find that your RV exhaust is making noise, here are a few steps that you can take in order to remedy the problem. 

Step 1 - Jack Up RV

Turn the RV off and allow it to cool. Then, use a jack to lift it up to inspect. Consult your RV manual if you aren't sure where you should be looking; you may need a flashlight to see. 

Step 2 - Check for Broken Parts

The main reason why there might be rattling in your exhaust train is because a part is broken. Check to see how serious the damage is so you can decide the best method to fix it.

Step 3 - Fix the Part

For loose parts, use a wrench to tighten and secure them. If you find that there is a part with minor damage, you may want to consider welding or using muffler tape to remedy it. While this is a short term solution, do not rely on it to last long or fix the problem all together. For serious breaks, replace the part completely.