How to Reface Laminate Cabinets

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What You'll Need
Laminate trimmer with small bit
Tin snips
Contact adhesive
Block of wood
Table saw
Sand paper
Laminate material
Protective breathing and eye equipment

Although laminate cabinets are somewhat more difficult to reface than metal cabinets, they are nonetheless a good do it yourself project, regardless of how much prior experience you have. Refacing your laminate cabinets can improve their appearance if they've become worn or damaged over time. it can also be a good opportunity for you to change the look of your cabinets after having altered other portions of your kitchen space as well. Read on for a step by step guide on how to race your laminate cabinets.

Remove and Clean the Cabinets

Remove the cabinets from the wall, using a screwdriver if necessary, and clean them carefully. You'll want to rub them down with a warm water and mild detergent solution. This helps to clean up any grime and dirt that may have developed or accumulated over time. It will also make the process of laying down the laminate easier to accomplish later on.

Route the Ends of the Cabinets

Use the trimmer to route the ends of the cabinets so that you can remove the existing laminate. You'll need to sand the sides of the cabinets and carefully remove the laminate without damaging the surface of the cabinet face itself. If you're able to pull off the cabinet laminate material all at once, without breaking it into additional pieces, you'll find that it's much easier to remove and that the cabinets will be less likely to experience any damage as you work.

Cut the New Laminate Pieces

Using your table saw, cut the new pieces of laminate for the faces of the cabinets. You'll need to make sure that it matches up with the size of the previous laminate and the cabinet face as best as possible. The laminate can be measured with measuring tape, if that's easiest. Otherwise you can use the table saw to match up the exact size of the new laminate piece with the old one.

Attach New Laminate

Follow the directions on the adhesive material to attach the new laminate to the cabinet surface. It's important that you use protective eye and breathing devices while you do this, as the adhesive itself may be toxic. Lay down the thin layer of adhesive close to the edges of the cabinet. Carefully line the laminate piece up with the corners and edges of the base of the cabinet, then gently push it down so that it's touching the entire face. Use the brick or another heavy object to push the laminate down onto the surface of the cabinet in order to remove any air bubbles before the adhesive sets.

All of the materials necessary for this project are available at a hardware or home improvement store near you.