How to Reface Sheetrock Walls

Home Interior Drywall Construction
  • 4-15 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-200
What You'll Need
Sheetrock patch
Plaster or drywall mud
Drywall tape
Trough and drywall tool
Razor knife
Paint brush
Stucco compound

There may be situations that require you to reface your sheetrock walls. When those situations occur, it is good to understand how to get the job done. Refacing your sheetrock requires a few steps, especially if you are patching a damaged area or going for a complete change of the wall. This process should be easy to accomplish and just about any do-it-yourselfer with a free weekend can reface their sheetrock walls.

Step 1 - Obtain Sheetrock Supplies

When you have to reface your sheetrock walls, you need to obtain materials in order to accomplish this task. For most refacing jobs, which occur because of a hole or some other repair that needs to be done, you will need a patch for the drywall, plaster or drywall mud, and a drywall tool. A trowel and tool to spread the drywall mud is necessary as well. All of these materials can be purchased at a home improvement center.

Step 2 - Prepare the Wall for Refacing

Clean the wall in order to prepare the surface for refacing. Remove all pictures and any furniture leaning up against the wall. Be sure to create a space large enough for you to maneuver in while refacing the sheetrock.

Step 3 - Repair and Patch Holes

applying putty to a hole in the wall

Repair all holes on the sheetrock with the drywall mud, using a trough and drywall tool to spread the mud. Use a razor knife to cut any damaged areas of the wall and apply a patch. The patch, depending on the size of the repair, may need to be taped, mudded, and sanded in order to apply it.

Step 4 - Apply Mud or Other Texture to the Sheetrock

If you are looking to create a stucco or other wall effect on the sheetrock as part of your refacing job, apply the mixture as instructed on the packaging. Be sure to first sand the wall and make it smooth and uniform, especially if you have completed a repair of the wall. Apply the compound to the wall evenly with the drywall tool and allow it to dry appropriately.

Step 5 - Apply Paint or Wallpaper to the Sheetrock Wall

person painting a wall

Once you have applied the compound for a stucco effect or applied a patch of a hole or damage area, paint the wall with a paint color of your choosing. You may also decide to wallpaper the wall in order to create a different look. Follow the instructions for properly wallpapering your wall or applying paint in order to get the desired look.