How to Refill and Drain an Inground Pool

What You'll Need
Sump pump
Pool chemicals

If you own one, it's important to know how to drain an inground pool. There are many reasons why you may need to; over time the chemicals in your swimming pool will lose their effect of the water and you may end up with a cracked liner or concrete base that will require a full drain of the water. Below are the steps that you need to be aware of in order to effectively refill and drain your inground pool.

Step 1 - Rent a Sump Pump

Go to your local equipment rental store and rent a sump pump that is submersible. Make sure that the rental does have a large hose like a fire hoses approximately 50 feet in length. It is a good idea to measure from the bottom of the pool to the sewer drain so you will know how much hose you will need.

Step 2 - Lower the Sump Pump in the Pool

Taking the pump and lower it into the pool preferably at the deep end. Before turning on the pump make sure the hose is properly attached and also that the end near the sewer line is down deep enough that it does not lift out with the pressure of the water. The water usually drains about 50 gallons per minute, depending on the size of the in ground pool.

Step 3 - Clean the Pool Sides

While the pool is draining you could get a regular garden hose and clean the areas that are very dirty. This way this dirty water will drain out of the pool while the pump is pumping. The pump should be able to remove all the water out of your pool.

Some pools come with an cleaning system right in the floor. If this is so, then you should really clean the debris out of the pop ups using the garden hose that you used to clean the dirty areas. You also can clean the calcium rings, if you have any, by using any stain remover recommended by the company you bought the pool.

Step 4 - Remove the Pump

When all of this is completed you will remove the pump and detach the hose from the pump and wind up the hoses that you laid out to the sewers. 

Step 5 - Refill the Pool

You could try and contact your fire department to see if they would come and fill your pool but in most cases they say no just in case there is a fire. Using your own garden hose will probably be the way you will have to fill the pool.

You now can start filling your pool with fresh water from your garden hose. This will take quite a while. If you happen to have more than one water supply, you might want to use 2 hoses to make the filling go a little faster. Make sure you over-fill as there will be some evaporation.

Step 6 - Add Chemicals

When the filling is done you can put your proper chemicals in to keep the water fresh and clean for you swimming enjoyment.