How to Refill Brake Fluid on Your Vehicle

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If the brake pedal in your vehicle starts to feel mushy when you apply it or goes all the way to the floor when pressed, the brake system might be running short of brake fluid. If that is all that is wrong with the brakes, count yourself lucky, for brake work can quickly get very expensive. Refilling the brake fluid in your vehicle is an easy job that will require just a few minutes of your time.

Refilling Brake Fluid

Locate the master cylinder under the hood of your vehicle. It will be situated towards the cabin near the firewall. It is usually a small to medium-sized semi-clear plastic container. The cap should say ‘master cylinder’ or ‘brake fluid’. There should also be a visible level line indicating the proper level of brake fluid. If it is low, simply remove the cap and fill it up to the line with brake fluid purchased from an auto parts store.

If, however, the master cylinder is empty, air may have accumulated in the brake lines. If this is the case, simply pouring new brake fluid over it traps the air in the line. Air in the brake lines can cause inefficient braking or be dangerous at worst. If this is the case, you will have to bleed the brake lines after refilling the master cylinder.

A master cylinder that simply needs to be refilled with brake fluid is an easy job.