How to Refill Freon in Your Air Conditioner

What You'll Need
Refill freon
Manual for air conditioner

Many times you will need to refill freon in your air conditioner in order to keep it circulating the cold air. If you find that the air is warming up, here are a few materials as well as steps to help guide you through the process.

Step 1 - Determine the Correct Type of Freon

One of the most important steps is to decide what type of freon that you will need to refill your air conditioner. You want to first check with the manual to see the model number as well as the recommended freon used. Then, be sure to check with a professional if you have never done it before or on a trusted web site. When buying the freon, talk to someone at the store that is trained in that area or order through your plumbing services.

Step 2 - Throw the Breaker

Before beginning any type of maintenance or refill on the freon, you will need to throw the breaker. This is an important step as you may cause damage to yourself, your home or your air conditioning unit if you skip it, ending up in an expensive fix. It is important to be on the lower pressure line for this task, and is used mainly to add freon to the unit.

Step 3 - Pour in Freon

You will need to begin by installing the hose to the can of freon. Typically this can be done easily and with your hands. Next, if there is a screw that comes along with it, you will need to screw it in and secure tightly. Then, this will allow you to puncture the can and let the freon come out the correct way.

Make sure that as you continue with these steps, that the power to you air conditioning unit has been turned off completely. Then, install the other side of the hose to the air conditioning unit. Pour in the freon and make sure not to overflow or top off. When you are finished you can disassemble the hose how you installed it. First from the unit and then finally from the can and discard.

Each of these steps should help you to refill the freon in your air conditioner. If you have never done this before, you may want to contact a professional to make sure that you are proceeding correctly for the certain model air conditioner unit that you have as many of them can differ slightly.

If you develop any problems along the way, stop what you are doing and contact a professional as damage done to an air conditioning unit can be extremely expensive and you do not want the damage to build up trying to fix the problem yourself. You may also find that the freon is not in need of a refill and really something is wrong and leaking, in this case, a professional will need to step in.