How to Refill the Freon in Your Air Conditioner

To stay comfortable it's important to know how to refill freon in your air conditioner. Freon or refrigerant is an essential part of the air conditioning system that works by generating sufficient evaporation to take place once too much high pressure is detected. With this vital role, a cool and comfortable environment state even in hot weather or conditions is ensured. Freon usually works together with the air conditioner’s compressor which is in charge in enhancing the high pressure side of the system. Freon is usually used in the air conditioning system of automobiles and homes. However; once it requires a refill, the refilling of home air conditioner is not allowed and as easy to do it on your own. Usually, a licensed person who is more knowledgeable in this job is required to fix it. The refill of Freon in cars on the other side is an easy job and anyone can do it as long as proper tutorial and information has been provided.

Tools and Materials Needed:

To ensure you of an easier and less time consuming procedure, have a quick look in your toolbox and properly ensure these materials before trying to refill the refill in your air conditioner:

  • Set of screwdrivers
  • Can of refrigerant or Freon
  • Gauge
  • Refill hose

Step 1 - Check the System

You will need to turn on your air conditioner maximize it in its fan and cool switch. You might also consider listening to the sound produced by your system if there is during this time. Raise the hood of your car. Take a look at the compressor belts; it should not have any cracks or frays. The hoses should be free from holes nor have any oily residue and so with the air conditioner condenser. Brackets and bolts should be secured as well.

Step 2 - Connect and Use the Gauge

Once ensured that the parts of your air conditioner are functioning well, attach the gauge to the appropriate line. You can know which line to connect by seeing the AC compressor and looking for the line that is coming from the inside of the vehicle with a short stop at a cylinder shape. This line is used since this is the low pressure side. Once you have connected the gauge at the wrong line which is the high pressure, it may cause an explosion when recharged.

Freon is needed whenever the result of the gauge would be less than 125 PSI. Never attempt to refill the Freon once the result is above 125 PSI since this will eventually cause again a harmful explosion.

Step 3 - Time to Refill

With the use of a screw, screw now the hose fittings on top of your compressor fittings. Let the refrigerant can latch on the puncture frame. After the can is placed properly, you can now screw down the puncture fitting to release the Freon into the system of your car’s air conditioner.

Step 4 - Start Up!

Once you have appropriately induced the amount of Freon in your car’s air conditioner system, you can now test it’s effect by starting up your engine.


Not all automobiles have the same kind of Freon need, usually those that have been made before the year 1993 requires the intervention of a certified mechanic. Never attempt to do it yourself so that accidents can be prevented like that of an explosion.