How to Refinish a Cheval Mirror

What You'll Need
Small paintbrush
Liquid glass cleanser
Wood stain
Painters tape
Three pieces of soft cloth

Today you will learn how to refinish a cheval mirror. Just in case you don't know specifically what a cheval mirror is, it's a full sized mirror held between two posts that sometimes have a bar on the top as a connector. This type of mirror is very classic and a staple in vintage decor, making it a great addition to your bedroom. If you're looking to add that definite eclectic feel to your living quarters, then this article is for you.


Step 1 – Setting Up Your Workspace And Preparing Your Cheval Mirror

Set up a workspace outside your house, so you won’t mess up your indoors while refinishing your cheval mirror. Cover the glass by taping newspaper with the painter’s tape so you won’t get any paint on the glass. By covering the glass on your cheval mirror, you're also preventing it from getting scratched when the time comes for sanding the edges of the frame.

Step 2 – Sanding And Dusting Off

Start sanding the cheval mirror with the sandpaper by applying a little pressure to the frame. Make sure to sand all edges until the previous finish is entirely removed. Once you’ve finished sanding, use a piece of cloth to dust off any residues.

Step 3 – Renovating The Wood Stain

First, choose a wood stain tone similar to the original finish your cheval mirror's frame had. Use the second cloth to apply the stain on the frame. You can apply all the coats you need. However, let dry two hours minimum between coats. Be sure to make the colors even. Try not to apply too much coating, as it will dry leaving drip marks.

Step 4 – Applying The Polyurethane

Use the small paintbrush to apply one layer of polyurethane to the frame. Let it dry for an hour. After checking it’s dry, take off the newspaper and the tape, leaving the glass exposed.

Step 5 – Cleaning The Glass

Apply the liquid glass cleanser directly to your mirror’s glass. Use the last cloth to clean the glass by making circular movements and making sure to clean off any signs of dust left. Be very careful if you find dried-on liquids. Get rid of them with soft pressure. This is to avoid scratching your glass mirror.

Step 6 – Clean Up Your Workspace And Some Maintenance Tips

Put your new refinished cheval mirror back in its place and clean all the waste from your workspace. Remember to get the dust off of your cheval mirror every week with a soft cloth so you don have to refinish it again any time soon.

You’ll save money and you won’t need to call someone to do it for you. Plus, there’s the satisfaction that comes from fulfilling a project on your own. This is a great project for a weekend, and your cheval mirror will look as good as new.