How to Refinish a Solid Wood Chair

Solid hard wood chairs are beautiful to look at because they have intricate carved patterns and they are made of solid wood instead of compressed leftovers. Most solid wood chairs can be found at a local thrift shops and also at antique shops. Solid wood chairs can be inexpensive, and the refinishing can be a rewarding experience. They can be great if they are refinished with a coat of varnish or color. However, trying to refinish an old solid wood chair can be pretty difficult and can also be costly.

Tools and Materials Needed:

• Screw driver
• Pliers
• Paint remover
• Hammer
• Plastic scrapper
• Steel wood (middle grain)
• Leather or fabric

Step 1- Taking off the old seat

Most old chair seats have been stuffed with horse hair or fabric. Sometimes this fabric or material which has been used to stuff the seating has already been worn out or it is dirty. The seating for the chair should be replaced if its old, moldy or if it does not fit within your taste. To remove the seating, turn the chair upside down. Determine if the seating fabric is held by screws, nails or staples. If it is held by stables you can use pliers to remove the seating. You can use the screw driver if its attached by screws and the prongs of a hammer if it was attached by nails.

Step 2-  Removing the chair's paint from the frame

Sometimes chairs have great color and are in a fine condition. However, some of these chairs might not have a nice color or the color is weak or uneven. If that is the case, you are recommended to use a paint remover solution. This solution can be applied with a brush. The solution needs to be applied over the entire chair's frame. There are many times that it is hard to remove most of the paint or varnish from a chair. For this reason, it is recommended that you use steel wool that is middle grain in order to remove the varnish or the paint that was not removed. Make sure to always rub the steel wool towards the grain of the wood in order to not alter the texture of the wood.

Step 3- Adding color to the chair's frame

Once the color has been removed, you can use your favorite varnish or your favorite color paint to give the chairs a brand new look. You can use a brush and if you can paint your chairs in the outdoors or indoors it is always good to keep the paints and the paint removal away from children. Wear eye protection since these chemicals are corrosive and can burn your skin or your eyes' retina upon contact. Let the paint dry.

Step 4-Attaching new seating

The seating can be either made from fabric or leather. They need to be cut with the scissors and attached either with staples or nails. Turn the chair upside down, attach the brand new seating and enjoy.