How to Refinish a Teak Coffee Table

What You'll Need
Teak oil
Safety glasses
Dust mask

As a teak coffee table ages, it may lose some of the original luster that made it such an attractive feature. This can mean that it becomes gray and even streaked with the passing of time, although this may not affect indoor tables as much as those which are kept outside. If your teak coffee table has begun to loose some of its luster, then you may not want to paint it or cover it over. Another option is to refinish the table top using some simple tools. This is not a very difficult project, and you should be able to manage it just by following a few simple steps.

Step 1 -  Protect the Area

Before you start to refinish your table top, you will need to cover the surrounding area in suitable fabric so that it does not get covered with dust. If you are refinishing a smaller table, then you should be able to pick it up and simply carry it outside. This will save your other pieces of furniture from damage and prevent you from having to clean up after you have completed the project. You should organize your tools so that you have everything you need on hand.

Step 2 - Sand the Table

Once you are ready, you can start sanding the table. Put on your face mask and a pair of safety glasses. Begin with an electronic sander, such as an orbital sander or a delta. You may need to add a new sanding disc to the machine, but once you are ready you can start working on the teak coffee table. Refinishing teak involves removing a lot of the top layer of wood, so you will need to perform a lot of sanding for this to work. Use smooth, even strokes to get the best results.

Step 3 - Sand and Damp Down

When you have finished using the sander and you can see the raw wood below the grayed surface, then you should take a piece of hand-sanding paper, and start wiping this around the edges of the table. Don't forget to do the legs when you are removing the old layer of teak. When the sanding has been done, dampen the table using a rag soaked in some water.

Step 4 - Apply the Teak Oil

Now you will be ready to apply the teak oil to the table. You should use a dry cloth and wear safety gloves while doing this as it can be messy. Apply the oil to all of the table, and then add a second layer once the first has dried out. When the table does not absorb any more oil, then you have finished. Clean off the remaining oil with another cloth, and then leave to dry for a few hours before use.