How to Refinish a Woodstove

What You'll Need
Metal polish
Clean, soft cloths
Hand drill
Rotary wire brush
Stainless steel paint
Stove polish

A woodstove supplies your home with heat by burning wood. After time you may need to refinish your woodstove in order to make it look good again. This article explains the refinishing process.

Step 1 - Clean the Trim

First remove and clean the trim. Use a wrench on the bolts and use lubricant spray to loosen the threads if necessary. In a few instances, you might have to carefully use a hammer and chisel to take off the trim after removing the bolts.

The trim is likely made of brass, copper or nickel. Clean the trim with a good metal polish and a soft cloth until it gleams. You might have to go over the trim several times to remove all the dirt and obtain a good shine. If it’s too worn, have it replated professionally.

Step 2 - Remove the Frame and Glass

Remove the frame and the door glass, if applicable to your model of woodstove. You’ll need to replace the glass for the best look. Be sure to buy the right type of glass from the hardware store because ordinary glass isn’t made to withstand the high temperatures of a woodstove.

Step 3 - Clean the Woodstove

You’ll almost certainly need to remove rust from your stove. Use a hand drill with a rotary wire brush attached. Go slowly over the entire surface until you’ve taken off all the rust. Although this step takes time and effort, the results are worthwhile.

You can also sandblast the stove with carborundum crystals, which you can buy from a stonemason's outlet. (However, it’s much easier and less messy to use a wire brush.) The final alternative is a chemical bath, but this option requires you to transport the stove to a place capable of performing this task. And you’ll still need to finish the job with a wire brush.

Clean the inside of the woodstove, too.

Step 4 - Paint or Polish the Woodstove

When the interior of the stove is clean, spray it with stainless steel paint, which you can buy at most hardware stores.

You can either paint or polish the stove’s exterior. If you choose to paint, however, don’t use paint on any cooking surfaces the stove has. Polish these with stove polish instead.

If you want to use stove polish over the entire woodstove, allow the first coat to dry overnight. Then apply a second coat. After that, use the wire brush to remove any excess polish. Rub the woodstove down with a cloth.

Step 5 - Reassemble the Woodstove

Put the new glass in the frame and reattach the trim.