How to Refinish Exterior Door Casing How to Refinish Exterior Door Casing

What You'll Need
Paint remover
Chisel or paint scraper
New paint or stain
Sander or sandpaper
Crow bar
Saw horse or work bench
C clamps

Once you make over your home, you may get to the point you realize you should also change your exterior door casing to match the rest of your home. 

Step 1 - Remove the Trimming for More Control

When people repaint or decorate the side of their home, they generally do it while all the trim and siding is still mounted. To clean up your exterior door casing, it is actually much easier to simply remove the 3 trimming pieces and work on them by hand.  

Step 2 - Remove the Old Paint

If your exterior door casing has been painted in the past, and has fancy designs or patterns in it, you will have to work a bit harder to get it down to the original grain.

Step 3 - Sanding all Surfaces

Once you have the paint removed from all surfaces of your exterior door casing, you will want to allow it to dry. If you try and use a sander or sandpaper on the wet trim, it will simply eat through your paper making it worthless. 

Step 4 - Apply your Paint or Stain

When you go to paint or stain the exterior door casing to match the rest of your home, you will want to ensure it is sealed from the weather once it is completed.

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