How to Refinish Wooden Deck Benches

What You'll Need
Low Pressure tip
Pressure Washer
120 and 250 grit sandpaper
A palm sander
Painters tape
Drop cloths
An oil paint brush
Some old rags
An oil based stain (choose a complimentary color)
White spirit
Some Varnish

Deck benches are ideal to sit on while enjoying the scenery. Wooden deck benches are built to be able to withstand tough weathering since they are permanently placed outside. Obviously from time to time they will need to be refinished because the sealer along with some of the wood may begin to flack. When this happens, you have to start refinishing it immediately, otherwise the damage will increase rapidly. This article will show you how to refinish a wooden deck bench and restore it to its former glory.

Step 1: Washing the Bench

Start off by first getting rid of all the loose flacks. Wash the bench with a pressure washer (using the low pressure tip). Make sure that you clean it properly. Use a rag to clean the difficult parts and let the bench dry for a day or two.

Step 2: Sanding the Wooden Deck Bench

The next step is to sand the entire bench. Use the palm sander to do it properly. First use the 120 grit sandpaper, making sure to apply enough pressure to the area in order to sand it down properly. Once the wood turns into a dull color, stop sanding. Clean the remaining loose dust. Now sand it again, but this time use the 250-grit sandpaper. Don’t apply too much pressure and don’t hurry. Continue until the wood feels smooth. Clean it well, making sure that no dust remains on the bench.

Step 3: Applying the Stain

Before staining your bench, it is ideal to put the drop cloths under the bench to protect the floor from the oil-based stain. Use the paint brush (for oil-based paints) and coat the wooden deck bench gently. Clean excess stain with the old rags. Once done, let it dry for about 5 to 7 hours, although a day would be ideal. If you want, you can add a second coating of stain. Clean the paintbrush with white spirit immediately after use, otherwise it won’t come off.

Step 4: Apply Varnish

The last thing to do is to apply the varnish. A good tip to consider when applying varnish is to heat it slightly beforehand. Warm varnish tends to stick in a smoother manner than when it is cold. Apply the varnish using the oil paint brush. Leave it to dry for abut 6 to 8 hours. If you want you can apply a second coating of varnish. Ideally, do not choose a windy day to apply your stain or varnish in order not to risk having leaves or other debris sticking onto your newly applied coating.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to refinish a wooden deck bench. It is important to add varnish because it’s the varnish that protects the wood from weathering. Also, an important thought to keep in mind is that while sanding, don’t sand against the wood grain, otherwise the bench may splinter.