How to Refurbish an Old Drill Press How to Refurbish an Old Drill Press

What You'll Need
Steel wool
Grease cutter
Knowledge of machine parts
Owners manual

An old drill press can be a great find. They are massive and do not take up much more room than the newer models; the power and the accuracy can also be very similar. Many people like the look of an old machine, while many people just love to fix them. Refurbishing older models sometimes can bring you money, but most times your satisfaction is the pride that comes with knowing you made the machine work again.

Finding a person who knows how to fix a drill press, let alone an older model, may be a difficult task. Here are a few things you can do to make the task of fixing your old drill press a bit easier.

Step 1 - Become Familiar

You can use the Internet as well as the owner’s manual to become familiar with the drill press that you have acquired. Many models are built very similar and will not require much variation in the way that you fix them or the parts you need.

Step 2 - Inspect the Problem Areas

Using your knowledge of machine parts, locate what is missing and what is broken on the machine. You may need to order a new spindle or locate a chuck from a parts store. Check over and under the machine. You may only need something as simple as a few hex bolts and some elbow grease to get the drill press running again.

Step 3 - Clean It Up

Before you start fixing anything, clean up the drill press. If it is in bad condition it will most likely be full of rust and grease. Use a heavy-duty degreaser and steel wool to get the project started. Sometimes, while you are cleaning the drill press, you will find things that need to be fixed. You might also find solutions to some of the other problems. A sticky accelerator pedal may come undone with a proper cleaning. Cleaning can also help to clear old sawdust and debris from the drill.

Step 4 - Common Problems

Some common problems with old drill presses are the table and the stand post. You can repair either of these problems by using old parts or by having new ones machined to spec. Of course, that is the easy way. If you possess the skills, you could machine the parts yourself. Once you have located the parts, switch them out with the old parts. You may need to get out the grinder to cut through old bolts. A hammer will also loosen up many years of rusty bolts. Use new bolts and nuts and ensure that they are securely attached.

Step 5 - Search for More Information

The Internet and your local hardware store have vast amounts of information. Many people with various skills will sometimes post their abilities in the effort to get work. You can also post your specific questions on different boards online. You may be surprised at the amount of people who are looking for the same information as you, as well as the amount of people that may have the answers.

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