How to Refurbish Your Staircase

What You'll Need
Sand paper
Wood stain
Paint brushes

Refurbishing a staircase might seem tricky, especially if the staircase gets heavy foot traffic each day. Rest assured that there are ways to give your staircase a new, beautiful finish even if it's well-used. Follow these steps to refurbish the staircase in your home.

Step 1 - Sand

Sand the staircase well. For the best results, consider using a special sanding tool with a beveled edge. A circular sander doesn't work well on a staircase. Be sure to remove all dust and sanding residue with either a tack cloth or a damp cloth. Allow the stairs to completely dry before working on them.

Step 2 - Prevent Damage

If you can't take the time to close off your upper level for staircase maintenance, you can try doing 2 waves of treating only every other step. Paint or stain every other tread, as well as the riser leading up to each unpainted or unstained step. This way, your family can traverse the stairs 2 at a time without ruining the finish. Keep in mind that children might need help, and pets should be quarantined or kept outside for the duration of the project.

After the treatment is completely dry, you can finish the other stairs. Again, make sure that everyone uses the alternate stairs that have already been stained and dried.

Step 3 - Railings

Since you will need the handrails while taking the stairs 2 at a time, make sure you leave them for last. If you have a railing on both sides of the staircase, do only one at a time so there is always one available to grab.