How to Reinforce a Bookcase Headboard How to Reinforce a Bookcase Headboard

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Paint or varnish

Bookcase headboards are one of the coolest and most functional things that you can add to your bed. Having your own bookcase headboard is very useful for organizing your books and picture frames. However, if your bookcase headboard needs some reinforcement because it is already shaky and worn out you simply need to make some carpentry work and redesigning (if needed) to make your bookcase headboard burly and stunning once again.

Step 1 – Determine How Unstable the Bookcase Headboard is

You need to determine first how wobbly and shaky your bookcase headboard now. Also check if there are broken or cracked wood parts on its shelves.

Once done in verifying the bookcase headboard, check the entire bed as well. You need to inspect it particularly if you want to widen up the bookcase headboard that you originally want to reinforce.

Step 2 – Do the Wood Works

Measure as well the appropriate size and length of the wood to be attached on the bookcase headboard. The wood needs to be smooth and measured correctly to augment extra design though it is just only reinforcement to an existing bookcase headboard. Next, measure the bookcase headboard’s height. Most bookcase headboards are at least four or five inches on top of the person's head. With this kind of height, it prevents things and books from falling on your bed or your head will not hit these items.

Cut the pieces of woods needed with the use of a saw. Always ensure that the sizes of woods are alike to avoid imbalance in the headboard.

Step 3 – Start the Reinforcement

If the woods are already prepared for instillation, measure again the height of the bookcase headboard to ensure that it fits well. Remember that this headboard was built years ago, when you are years younger so make sure that it does not need further adjustments regarding its width and height. You need to consider these factors, since you are already making some carpentry works and reinforcement, therefore do it accurately.

Now, you need to hammer or screw the base part of the bookcase headboard on your bed. Make it stable and strong in order to hold the weight that you put along the shelves. Always ensure that both sides of the shelves are balanced and properly attached to hold securely the books on its top.

Sand the wood once again just to smooth and level it well. Now, you need to reinforce the dividers of the bookcase that separates its spaces. Also hammer the needed woods for the partitions. It is indispensable particularly if the bookcase includes three to four layers.

Step 4 – Finish the Reinforcement   

After the carpentry works, you are now ready to paint or varnish the bookcase headboard. Take note that painting or varnishing it will not just beautify the bookcase, but it will also protect the woods used from wearing out fast.

Once done painting the bookcase headboard, leave it at least 24 hours to ensure the paint or varnish dried up already. After, you can already put back your books, picture frames, and other personal items on your newly reinforced and enhanced bookcase headboard.



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