How to Reinforce a Pedestal Table Leg

What You'll Need
Adjustable Furniture Disc
Drill bit (3/8 inch)

A loosened pedestal table leg can cause your table to rock uncontrollably. If this happens, you can repair the leg on your own with a few simple instructions and your table will be as good as new. Follow the steps below to reinforce the table leg.

Step 1 - Insert Discs

Turn table over on its top and drill a hole in each of the support the feet of the table. Insert the female end of the disc in the pilot hole using the hammer to gently guide it in. Insert the male end until the disc is in place properly.

Step 2 - Adjust the Disc

Turn the table over and adjust the disc accordingly. You will now be able to identify the leg of the table that is not correctly aligned. Once the leg is identified, adjust the disc again until the leg touches the floor and adjust the leg until it touches the floor.

Step 3 - Tighten the Leg

If after adjusting the leg the table is still loose, tighten the leg where it connects to the pedestal using a screwdriver. If problem persists, an L-bracket attached to the leg and to the bottom side of the pedestal will secure the leg in place.