How to Reinforce Brick Retaining Walls

tan brick retaining wall
  • 4-8 hours
  • Beginner
  • 100-1,000
What You'll Need
Small sledgehammer
Wire mesh
Concrete bolts
Hammer drill
Paddle mixer attachment
Angle grinder
Landscape timbers

Brick retaining walls are used for many purposes, from keeping land on a hill from dislodging to keeping property intact. Reinforcing existing brick retaining walls can go a long way towards allowing the wall to withstand more pressure. Brick retaining walls are often built with reinforcement already in them. Over time these walls can still become weak. The following article will explain how to reinforce brick retaining walls easily.

Step 1 - Concrete Fill

There are many kinds of bricks on the market and when brick retaining walls are built they will often use the same style of brick. Concrete can only be used if the bricks used have holes in the center. If the bricks used in your brick retaining walls are solid, skip this Step. Mix the concrete according to the directions on the bag. Use the drill with a paddle mixer attached to it to mix the concrete into a pudding-like consistency. Place rebar inside the holes of the brick. Use the sledgehammer to pound the rebar into the ground. Pour the concrete into the holes.

Step 2 - Wire Mesh

rolls of wire mexh

This material will keep brick retaining walls from shifting under pressure. Piece the wire mesh together on each side of the wall until it is covered. Install the wire mesh to the brick using concrete bolts and the hammer drill. Place one bolt at each corner and then every two feet around the perimeter and the center.

Step 3 - Rebar Bracing

Rebar is a very sturdy metal that is used inside concrete of buildings, sidewalks, and other structures to increase its strength. When you use rebar as a bracing material for brick retaining walls, it will effectively block any earth that is cascading toward it. Use rebar that is 12 inches taller than the wall is high. Place one of the rebar poles in front of the wall so that it is flush with the brick. Hammer the rebar into the ground until the rebar is level with the top of the retaining wall. Place one piece of rebar every foot. Since brick retaining walls can be attacked by both sides you will want to place rebar on each side of the wall. Put the new set of rebar staggered between the first set of rebar.

Step 4 - Landscaping Timbers

If you want to create a beautiful look at brick retaining walls, landscaping timbers are a great added feature. The wall will look great and be extraordinarily strong. Prior to placing the rebar bracing in Step 3, you will want to stack the timbers along the base of the retaining wall. Place another layer of timbers staggered over the first set. Cut the timber to fill out the open edges. Continue stacking the landscaping timbers until the brick wall is covered on both sides. You can then install the rebar bracing exactly as you did in Step 5.