How to Reinforce Slate Walls How to Reinforce Slate Walls

What You'll Need
Slate slabs
Safety goggles
Large sheet of plastic
Slate sealer
Cladding tiles
Ceramic glue
Wood chips

Slate walls are durable, natural looking and easy to blend into an area. They are very easy to maintain and are also very affordable. The stones are available in a variety of designs, styles and colors that you can use to create a range of looks, from a wild rustic appearance to sleek contemporary style. Slate can sustain most climatic conditions and is easy to maintain. Follow the steps below to reinforce a slate wall on your own.

Step 1: Dig the foundation

Wear comfortable clothes, safety goggles and gloves. Use a spade to start digging the soil on the area where the wall is going to be built. Make sure that you dig deep—but not extremely deep—inside, and check for any pebbles or stones.

Step 2: Plaster the slabs

Use the trowel to spread the cement that is mixed with sand, and place it properly and evenly while placing the slate slab. Keep on doing this until all the slabs are set to the perfect height that you want the wall to be.

Step 3: Seal the Slabs

Use slate sealer, available at any local hardware stores. Remember not to touch it with bare hands. Apply it properly on the slabs, making sure that you do not inhale the chemicals that are released during this process. Leave it to dry

Step 4: Clean the Sealer

With the help of a cloth, clean the remaining slate sealer that is still on the slabs. Make sure that all the extra sealer is properly removed.

Step 5: Clad the Slabs

Apply ceramic glue on the cladding tiles, and place them on regular distances on the wall. This helps to make the wall more durable, and the tiles will stick once the glue is dry.

Step 6: Waterproof the Slabs

Cover the wall with plastic to avoid any water sweeping in and causing any damages to the wall or weakling of the wall.

Step 7: Apply the Finishing Touch

To add the finishing touch, distribute the gravel evenly at least 3 inches off the ground. Fill soil up to the level you want, making sure at least a row of the walk is seen. Distribute wood chips and fill the space until the wall is properly covered.

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