How to Relay Car Speaker Wiring

What You'll Need
9 volt battery
Utility knife
Wire cutters
Wire strippers
Amplifier wiring kit
Electrical tape

Working on your car speaker wiring yourself is not only a personally rewarding job but can be easily done even you have just the basic know-how about how car speakers work. You just have to make sure that you have all the tools and materials needed for the job on hand. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to install car speaker wiring yourself in no time and without fuss. 

Step 1 - Disconnect the Ground Cable

Disconnecting the ground cable from your battery is the first and most important step you need to perform before you start this job. It can be very dangerous if you start working without disconnecting this wire.

Step 2 - Install New Speakers

Unscrew the panel of the speaker enclosure and disconnect the old speaker. When the wires are disconnected, unscrew the old speaker and take it out. You can use the old wires of the old speakers though. Just strip about 1/2 inch of the speaker wire and connect them to the speaker wire of your new speakers by twisting them into each other. Wrap the connections of the old and new wire with electrical tape to protect them.

Make sure you’re connecting the connectors to the new speakers to the appropriate terminals. The black wire should go to the negative terminal on the speaker and the red wire to the positive terminal. Screw the new speaker back into the enclosure from where you removed the old one. 

Step 3 - Attach the Amplifier 

Attach the power cable of the amplifier you are using to the positive terminal of your battery. The simple put the fuse in the fuse holder. 

Step 4 – Run the Power Cable 

Usually there will be an opening somewhere around the driver’s seat. Run the amplifier’s power cable from the battery to the back of the where the amp will be placed. You have to run the wire under the molding that goes along the bottom of your car. 

Step 5 – Pick the spot for the Amplifier and Subwoofers 

Pick a spot at the back of your car where you will be placing your amplifier and sub woofers. Pick an appropriate spot so you can connect the setups ground cable to the metal part of your car. As you don’t want the ground cable to be more than a few feet, pick the spot accordingly. 

Step 6 - Attach the Amplifier to the Sub Woofer Box 

This is the best place to finally fit the amp. It will keep the amplifier and its wires secure during driving. 

Step 7 – Attach Speaker Wires

Once you have placed your subwoofers and amplifier, attach the speaker wires to the appropriate channels in the amplifier and the subwoofer box.

Step 8 - Fix your Head Unit 

When all your speakers, subwoofers and the amplifiers have been wired together, make sure your head unit is neatly placed into the dash of your car. Check all the final connections into the head unit before you do this. Reconnect the ground cable to your car battery. Turn on the stereo and listen to each speaker individually.