How to Remedy Cloudy Pool Water

It is not difficult to remedy cloudy pool water. The challenge is to keep your pool from getting cloudy in the first place. Although the causes of cloudy pool water range from heavy bather use to clogged filters, the biggest culprit is probably going to be incorrect applications of pool chemicals. Starting here, and then troubleshooting filtration systems, quality of water and maintenance techniques will save you unnecessary expenditure.

Prevention is the Key

A clean pool will give you years of service if maintained properly. Once a month schedule a Saturday morning cleaning session. Before the sun gets too high in the sky in the summer (or around noon in the winter) don a pair of old shorts, flip flops and an old tee shirt and tackle the pool filter. Remove the bolts securing the housing for the filter and gently remove the filter. Twist your hose nozzle for a wide spray and clean between the filter elements. Wash out the filter housing, and carefully replace the filter element. Mix diatomaceousearth (DE is used as a filtration aid) with water in a large bucket and slowly run through the filter to insure it coats the filter element.

With a stiff fibre brush (avoid wire brushes as they may be too harsh for your pool) brush the pool, beginning at the top of the sides all the way to the middle of the pool on one side. Work your way carefully around the pool until you come back to where you started. If you have a pool ladder and steps, start here and be sure to scrub all the steps, including inside and under them.

Add water to your pool to bring it up to level. Use your pool chemical kit to run tests for PH, total alkalinity and calcium content. Add a pool shocker to insure you are getting rid of algae buildup. Using the chemical kit again, check to see if you need to add algaecide or acid and add the appropriate chemicals. Override the filter timer and allow the filter to run for approximately 12 hours to circulate the new chemicals you have added and to insure the DE has coated the filter element and it is filtering correctly.

Factors to Consider Outside the Pool

If you use a solar blanket, make sure it is clean and free from debris before using it to cover your pool. Be sure to ask your family and friends to shower before using the pool to remove sweat, body oils and make-up. Check shrubs, trees and lawn areas to insure no plant material enters the pool. Check the pool filter at least every Saturday morning and remove debris no matter how small. Be sure to store all pool cleaning equipment on racks that receive sun and are free from dust, dirt and shrubbery. If you are in doubt about the contents of your pool water, take a sample to your local pool supply for analyzing. They can tell you what chemicals you need and diagnose the water properties of your pool.