3 Causes of Green Pond Water

Pond with lotus flower

Green pond water is one of the worst problems for a pond owner. The green-colored water is caused by unhindered algae growth or more commonly referred to as an algae bloom. There are two types of basic algae that can invade your pond; the first one consists of single-celled organisms that float on the water and the second is made up of hair-like types of algae organisms.

Factors that Set Off Algae Bloom

Algae bloom actually results from the disruption of the pond’s ecosystem as brought about by a staggering increase in algae population. The increase in the algae can be triggered by these three circumstances:

1. Overabundance of Nutrients in the Pond

There are dozens of food sources within a pond ecosystem. Even things like decomposing leaves and fish can all provide nutrients for algae, allowing them to grow exponentially.

2. Too Much Sunlight

Algae bloom can happen if the pond is exposed to too much sunlight. Excessive sunlight can be detrimental to other plants in the pond. And when such plants perish, it is going to be a big feast for the algae.

3. Low Oxygen Levels

When there is low oxygen content in the water, aquatic organisms and plants can die, including algae. But ironically, the decomposing tissues become food source for the next cycle of algae overgrowth.

With careful maintenance and observation, however, you can prevent your pond water from becoming green from the algae overgrowth.