How to Remodel a Bathroom

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Remodel a bathroom, with the proper knowledge is an easy and rewarding do-it-yourself project.

Deciding What to Replace

Do you want to replace the entire bathroom? Just the floors and walls? Deciding that will factor not only into the time it will take, but also the cost of the remodeling.

The Walls

There is a strong chance you will want to replace the walls. Because bathrooms collect moisture, the walls should consist of special moisture-resistant drywall called "green board," along with a moisture-proof backer board.

The Shower

The tub or shower is the main focal point of the bathroom. If you are fixing a few cracks, it is an easy and relatively inexpensive project. Many homeowners choose to replace the entire tub with a new liner or tile. The extent of the damage will determine the extent of the project.

The Floors

It is not recommended to install hardwood floors in a bathroom because they are not water resistant. A recommended option is ceramic tile or laminate flooring, but that depends on how much time and money you want to put into remodeling your bathroom.