How To Remodel My Bathroom Cabinets

A quick and easy way to spruce up your bathroom is to remodel your bathroom cabinets. There are several ways to add new life to bathroom cabinets.


Coordinate cabinets with the rest of your bathroom by using paint in the same shade, the same color in another hue or a contrasting color. Paint is inexpensive, and a project can usually be completed in one day.

  • Removed cabinet doors and hardware, including knobs and hinges.
  • Sand down the paint or varnish to the original wood of both the cabinet and doors.
  • Dust off all residue and use cheesecloth to remove extra paint and varnish.
  • Apply the new paint, following the grain of the wood.
  • When the paint is dry, reattach doors and hardware.

New Hardware

Change the look of your cabinet with new hardware. Consider different types of handles or door knobs. There are a variety of hinges to choose from, either hidden or visible, made of different types of metal. Be sure to measure your cabinets correctly to ensure that you get the correct fit for new hardware. It may be best to take an existing door with you to the hardware store.

Open Shelves

Another option is to remove doors and hinges altogether. You may need to add paint or retouch the inside of the cabinet. Use a few baskets to organize small items on the open shelves.