How to Remove a Baby Crib Bumper How to Remove a Baby Crib Bumper

The baby crib bumper is designed to protect your child from bumping their heads on the crib. They are primarily made of stuffed cloth and can be wrapped around the slats of the crib. Bumper pads are still used despite industry mandate requiring slats to be close enough to prevent your child from sticking her/his head out of the crib. Using bumpers longer than necessary is not just considered unnecessary, but can also increase the chances of suffocation or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Read on to learn how to safely remove the bumper from your baby crib.

Understanding the Bumper

Crib bumpers are placed along the inside walls of the baby’s crib. There are always 4 separate pieces that are created to snugly meet each other at the corners. Each bumper has a certain number of ties used to fasten the pads onto the crib. Anything longer than 6 inches of loose tie is trimmed off to prevent injury or suffocation.

Removing the Bumper

To begin, remove the ties that have secured the bumper pads to the crib. The number of ties that need unfastening is based on the specific bumper pads that you have purchased.

Once you have the ties loose, simply separate each segment of the bumper pads and remove them from the crib.

Other Bumper Formats

There are many different kinds of baby crib bumper pads available. Removing the “Breathable Baby Bumper” is also a simple task as the bumper is just one single piece that goes around the crib and closes with Velcro.

The breathable baby bumper has a mesh–like structure that passes on the inside of the side slats and the corner posts, with the exception of the first slats on either side of the corner post. To secure the bumper to the walls of the crib, it is passed through the outside of these slats, before being brought in, to ensure a non–sliding or moving structure.

To remove these baby crib bumper pads, simply undo the Velcro and slide the bumper out of the slats.

Bumperless Baby Cribs

Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance and a crib without bumper pads is considered safer, by all health & safety agencies, than one with these contraptions. Your newborn is unable to move by themselves away from heavy objects or blankets. Having such padding, which they can involuntarily turn into or get trapped under, is an extremely unsafe hazard for your child.

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