How to Remove a Barbed Wire Fence

What You'll Need
Work boots
A-frame ladder
Thick safety gloves
Wire cutters
Pair of needle nosed pliers
Pick axe or jack hammer
Replacement earth

Whether you have inherited it or are simply seeking to renovate your yard, having the ability to remove a barbed wire fence can prove useful. Having the necessary know-how to undertake the task can ensure you can do it properly and safely.

Step 1 – Inspection

To determine how best to remove the barbed wire fence, begin by examine the fence to see how it has been secured into place. Besides the joint between the barbed wire and the posts, also check the manner in which the posts are fixed in the ground. This will aid you to gather the correct tools for the job.

Step 2 – Gather Equipment

Once you have examined the entire barbed wire fence, you will be in a position to gather all the tools and equipment required. If the fence posts are anchored in cement, you may need to make use of a jack hammer or pick axe, depending on the volume that has been used. Though these items can be obtained from a tool hire company, a hammer and chisel may be just as effective to remove any cement.

Step 3 – Remove Wire Rungs  

Depending on the type of barbed wire fence that you have, it may be easier to start the process by removing the wire from the posts. If the fence comprises several rungs of barbed wire, begin by working on the bottom one. If the staple proves difficult to remove with the claw of a hammer or pliers, use a pair of wire cutters on the barbs at a point close to the post. Remove the wire at each end before gradually working your way up with the use of an A-frame ladder, asking an assistant to help you if necessary.

In the event that an unbroken length of barbed wire is strung along the entire span of the fence, remove the fasteners from each end of the fence. Once it is loose, carefully unthread it from the holes in the posts using safety gloves and a ladder. When the wire is completely free of the posts, set them aside so that they do not create an obstruction to the remainder of the process.

Step 4 – Remove Posts

If the posts have only been inserted into earth, use a shovel to remove it from around the first post. Following this process may also give you access to the cement beneath if the earth is merely acting as cover. If the barbed wire fence posts are anchored in cement, start by using a hammer and chisel to remove it to determine whether the cement can be broken up with this method. Alternatively, carefully use a pick axe or jack hammer to break up the cement enough to enable it to be removed from the recess. If necessary, ask your assistant to keep hold of the post to prevent it from falling. Once sufficient cement and/or earth has been removed, lift the fence posts out of place and replace the hole with earth.