How to Remove a Bathroom Sink Plug

What You'll Need
Mild soap
Replacement sink plug

If you want to clean or replace your bathroom sink plug, you may be wondering how to go about removing it. If so, read on to learn everything you'll need to know about sink plug removal.

Step 1 - Shut off Your Water

Before removing your bathroom sink plug, you must first shut off your water. If you want to be extra cautious, feel free to shut off the sink's water supply, too.

Step 2 - Remove Your Sink Plug

Having turned off your water, use your fingers to carefully fish out your sink plug. If you have a pop-up sink plug, gently pull on its miniature chain until it is successfully detached. After removing your sink plug, set it atop a clean washcloth.

Step 3 - Clean Your Sink Plug

If your sink plug is dirty, proceed to wipe it down with a small dampened washcloth. If need be, you may also incorporate the aid of a mild brand of soap. Once the plug has been given a thorough cleaning, carefully reinsert it. However, if your plug is exceptionally filthy and/or worn out, you may want to consider replacing it. Should you chose to replace it, make sure to purchase a plug that is the right size to accommodate your bathroom sink's drain.