How to Remove a Bicycle Chain

What You'll Need
Link removal tool
Cotton cloth

The bicycle chain is one of the most integral parts of a working bike. If it becomes dirty or loses gears, you will need to remove it in order to replace or clean it. Know how to remove your own bicycle chain so you don't have to take the whole bicycle into a specialty shop to get fixed.

Step 1 – Wipe Down The Chain

Clean the chain so you will be able to find the pin you need to remove to get the chain off your bike. Spray it with chain oil and wipe it down with a dry, cotton cloth. Make sure to run the chain slowly if you are cranking it. This will prevent the cloth from being snagged in the chain as it passes.

Step 2 – Remove the Pin

In order to remove the bicycles chain, you will need a link removal tool. Place the chain in the tool with the small crank on the opposite end. Make sure the pin on the chain is lined up with the pin on the tool. Once the two are aligned, carefully turn the screw to push the pin from the chain. A steady hand will allow you to easily remove the pin and detach the links. Remove the tool and reserves the pin if you are looking to reuse the same chain.

Step 3 – Clean the Chain

If you were looking to keep the chain for further use, make sure to clean it well. Buildup of dirt and oil can cause the chain to skip a cog and make you believe it needs to be replaced. The assumption is the chain has gotten to be too loose. You may find ofter a good cleaning with oil and a toothbrush there is no need to use a new chain. You can simply reinstall the chain you currently have.

Step 4 – Reattach the Chain

Whether you are looking to add a new chain, or replacing the old one, you will follow the same protocol. Run the chain in through the guides at the back of the bike on the smallest gear. Run the chain to the other end of the bike on the smallest gear and run through the guides. Runs the chain through the tension device  and back to where you started. Use the link removal tool in the opposite direction. Make sure it is wide enough to accommodate the chain and the pin and use the tool you slowly attach the pin to the links. This will reattach the chain and you should be able to go for a rid as soon as you spray an additional coat of bicycle oil.