How to Remove a Brake Backing Plate

What You'll Need
Lug Nut Wrench
Socket Set
Tubing Wrench

On occasions where you need to carry out brake repairs, you will need to remove the brake backing plate. This is part of a larger process involving removal of other components in order to reach the area where the plate is held. As you will be aware, not all vehicles are the same so use the correct procedure for your own car.

Step 1 – Brake Lines

Use the tube wrench to remove the brake line nut. Sometimes you will find that these small nuts get rusted on. The only options that is viable  in order to not round the nut off with too much pressure, is to cut the metal brake line to release it. You can heat the nut but using a torch can cause an explosion.

Step 2 – Back plate

There are four bolts that hold the backing plate on to the vehicle. Remove all the nuts to release it from the axle housing. This plate is the only thing that holds the brakes on to your car. Place a wrench on the back side of the plate so that you don’t lose the nut as it drops. Also this will help you loosen it.