How to Remove a Camshaft

What You'll Need
Flare nut wrench
Flat head screwdriver
Harmonic balance puller

You will need to replace a camshaft when the lobes, which tell the engine valves when to open, become worn down. At that point, you’ll notice your performance decreases and you’re not getting the mileage you did before. Be aware that this isn’t a job for a novice mechanic or someone who hasn’t worked on engines. You don’t need many tools, but you do need to know how to use them. You will also need to understand the layout of an engine.

Step 1 - Removing the Radiator

You need to start by removing the radiator. To do this, drain it through the plug at the bottom, and then disconnect the top and bottom hoses. After you’ve done this, remove two tow lines that are at the bottom of the radiator for transmission coolant. Use your flare nut wrench to take them off. You can then loosen the bolts holding on the radiator before pulling it out.

Once the radiator has gone, you should take out the fan and water pump. You’ll have to loosen and remove the bolts in the center of the fan, after which you can pull the fan and the pulley away. Now you can access the bolts that keep the water pump against the timing chain cover. Remove them and take out the water pump.

Step 2 - Manifold And Valves

You’re getting deeper into the engine. Continue by taking out the distributor then the intake manifold. You’ll only need to remove one bolt for the distributor, followed by the bolts holding the manifold in place. This lets you take out the valve covers which are held on with bolts. After you’ve taken these off, you’ll be able to see the pushrods and rocker arms. To take out each rock arm, loosen and remove the bolt in its center then pull it out, followed by each pushrod. After this, pry the valve lifters out with a screwdriver.

Step 3 - Harmonic Balancer

Take off the cover over the timing chain and harmonic balancer. You’ll see a bolt in the middle of the harmonic balancer. Remove that, then put the harmonic balancer puller in place. Tighten the bolts and remove the harmonic balancer. Now, you need to remove the bolts from the timing chain cover and take it off to get to the timing chain.

Step 4 - Timing Chain

There’s a bolt in the middle of the upper sprocket of the timing chain. Take this out, after which you’ll be able to pull of both timing chain sprockets and the timing chain itself. At this point you have the camshaft in front of you.

Step 5 - Camshaft

In front of the camshaft there’s the thrust plate. You need to take this out. Do it by removing the bolts hold it in place. From here you’ll to manually release the camshaft from the engine. Pull on it to free it. You’ll also need to twist it to be able to fully remove it.