How to Remove a Car Oil Pan

What You'll Need
Oil catch pan

The car oil pan sits at the bottom of your engine to catch oil as it falls to the bottom of the engine block, where it is then grabbed and thrown back up into the system to keep your engine lubricated. This pan can often get hit and cracked, causing your engine to loose oil.

Step 1 - Drain the Oil

You will want to get all the oil out of the car oil pan. To do this simply remove the drainage bolt, which will be a long bolt. Position your oil drain pan under the bolt and remove the oil refill cap to allow air to flow. Then remove the bolt and let your oil drain out into the oil pan that should be positioned below the drain hole.

Step 2 - Detach the Oil Pan

Carefully detach the car oil pan by removing the securing bolts around its edge. Be careful not to drop them into the oil catch pan, as it will get messy digging them out. Once you remove the oil pan be sure to have the oil catch pan in place to catch any residual oil that may drain out as you remove it.