How to Remove a Faucet Aerator

steel faucet with aerator dripping water
What You'll Need
Rubber wrench

Faucet aerators fit over the edge of a faucet to help reduce the amount of water that runs out of the tap. These aerators mix the water in the spout with air, which helps to cut water usage in a household by up to 30 percent.

However, faucet aerators are made of wire mesh that fits over the end of the faucet, so they have the tendency to pick up dirt and debris in the water. Therefore, you should regularly remove your aerator to clean it. Removing one of these devices can be tricky. Follow these handy tips to get the job done fast.

Step 1 – Using Pliers

The simplest, quickest way to remove your aerator is with a pair of pliers. With your pliers, tightly grip the screw section. For better grip, put a dishcloth around the tool's handle. Keep the grip tight on your tool, and try to turn the aerator screw. If your faucet's device didn't budge, try the steps that follow.

Step 2 – Using a Rubber Wrench

Rubber wrenches can help you grip the aerator screw more tightly than pliers, and they are less likely to slip or fall off. Using your rubber wrench, tug the screw in one direction. If nothing happens, try tugging in the opposite direction. Repeat this process to see if the faucet aerator budges. If it doesn’t, you may need to add one of the household items below to your process.

Step 3 – Adding Vinegar

Corrosion or debris might be preventing your aerator screw from turning. To clean the debris off, pour some household white vinegar into a bag, and place the bag over the end of the tap, so that the aerator is completely submerged in vinegar. Tie the bag on tightly, and leave it on for a few hours. Then, remove the bag, and try to remove the device again with the above tricks.

Step 4 – Using WD-40

If the other tricks haven’t worked, try using some WD-40. Open a window for ventilation, shake your can, and then point the nozzle at the aerator screw. Spray the chemical for 3-5 seconds onto the faucet-aerator screw. Let the substance sit for a few minutes, and then use a rubber wrench to remove the aerator.

After removing your faucet aerator, clean it thoroughly before replacing it.