How to Remove a Faulty Flow Control Valve

A showerhead.
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What You'll Need
Pipe wrench

Flow control valves are devices that, once installed in a plumbing system, help to regulate the amount of fluid that can run through a faucet or showerhead at any given time. As conservation continues to become more important to our society, it is crucial to make sure that flow control valves are working properly. If a new flow control valve must be installed, simply follow these quick steps to remove the faulty one.

Step 1 - Turn off the Water

To keep from making a mess, always turn off the water before starting any plumbing project.

Step 2 - Wrap a Cloth around the Nut

It is important to not damage the pipe that the new flow valve will be attached to. Wrap a cloth around the nut of the faulty valve so that when the pipe wrench is applied it has a soft surface to press against when it is being turned.

Step 3 - Loosen the Nut with a Pipe Wrench

Clamp a pipe wrench, (or pliers or vice grip) onto the nut over the cloth that is wrapped around it. Adjust the wrench so that it firmly grips the nut, but not so tight that it crushes what’s beneath it. Slowly turn the nut counter-clockwise by applying firm pressure.

Step 4 - Remove the Flow Valve

Once loosened, the nut on the flow valve should twist off by hand. Gently remove the valve and drain any excess water from the pipe before continuing any plumbing work at that joint.