How to Remove a Fireplace Damper Lid

What You'll Need
Instructions to your damper and damper lid assembly

Fireplace damper lids are used to keep out the critters, bugs and other birds from entering into the fireplace flue shaft. The fireplace damper helps to control the amount of oxygen let into the fireplace from the outside. Here is a short instructional on how to remove your fireplace damper lid.

Step 1 - Determine the Type of Damper Lid

There are a couple different damper lids available for purchase. Your damper lid may be screwed on separately or it may be fitted with the damper in a 'lock top' type fashion. If it is a lock top damper lid, then the lid usually will create a seal around a gasket.

Step 2 - Check the Fireplace

Make sure the fireplace is completely off. Remove any logs or material that could ignite while you are in the middle of this project. Remove any lighter fluid or matches from your work area.

Step 3 - Remove the Damper Lid

If your damper lid has been attached with a set of screws, take your screwdriver and remove them. Place the screws aside for safe keeping. Now you are ready to clean the flue and the damper.

If your damper lid is a 'locktop'; then you will need to pull the top off from the spring. If you have installed a sweeps ring, then follow the instructions with your locktop damper lid on how to remove the unit safely.